Website creation: free themes and templates

Thanks to free templates and themes, anyone can now create their own website.

These solutions are suitable for all types of site, including portfolios, showcase sites, commercial sites and online books. They allow you to design web pages from an existing base. The free templates are economical and help retailers to create professional websites. Those made in HTML5/CSS3 in responsive design format are accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. By optimising your search, find good quality free templates. These solutions are modern. They are operable with many industries like The free templates and themes can be customised to your company’s image.


Mobile applications


Landing pages

A web agency to digitalise you!

Digitalisation is now a must for all companies that want to start and develop a business on the Internet. With its complexity, the field requires the intervention of a specialist. Thanks to its skills, a web agency can promise a digital transformation adapted to its client's needs.

Website directories

Company blog

Specialised software

Event-driven websites

A tailor-made offer adapted to your web needs

To meet the needs of its client, the Web agency offers fully customised services. The idea is to create an original and well thought-out communication medium for a given service or product. Some require specific tools that may be difficult to integrate into an existing model.

How do you create an effective video marketing?

Knowing your targets and objectives is essential for a video marketing strategy.

Storytelling: what is it?

Communication on narrative structure

Why do brands use influencers?

Influencers are followed by a large community on the Internet, especially on social networks.

Multilingual website: from local to international

The design of a multilingual site offers a real opportunity for growth for companies. The concept has been adopted by several major companies. It allows the company to reach millions of speakers around the world. The advantages of a multilingual site concern all companies (SMEs, ETIs, auto companies, etc.).

Customer centric architecture

A digital solution

The name of the site

Domain name and URL

Keyword strategy

Keywords and netlinking

UX: the fundamentals of a user-friendly website

Ease of navigation is a detail that encourages users to consult the site. Mobile-first web design is effective for mobile consultation.

A website is not user-friendly if its loading time is slow or if it fails to load. A web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load will drive visitors away. An analysis by DoubleClick states that almost half of the visitors to a mobile site abandon the page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. To retain more visitors, create a site that is intuitive and easy to use. Name pages easily and clearly.